Bathrooms / Wet Rooms and Showers

We have a dedicated team of specialist plumbers, who have the expertise and experience to help plan, design and install your dream bathroom. We are aware of the upheaval any work on your property can make on family life; so we aim to complete your job as quickly as we can to minimise disruption.

From a small repair, a minor refurbishment to a complete new bathroom installation; we at Sargeant and Son Ltd are happy to undertake your project.

1. What can I expect from your Bathroom Design and Installation Service?

Firstly, we will provide a completely bespoke service; our team of professionals will discuss with you your expectations, wishes and desires. We will then create a design and offer you a free quotation of your upgrade or new installation. This is a no-obligation quotation and we will NOT pressurise you into using our services.

2. Can you install showers?

Yes, we are happy to install a showers, once again we offer a service tailored specifically to suit your needs

3. What is a Wet Room?

Wet Rooms are waterproofed (tanked) rooms usually fitted with a walk in shower. The whole room becomes the shower enclosure, with a drain inset into a gently sloped floor in place to let the water escape.

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4. Why choose a Wet Room?

  • More modern than a standard shower room.
  • Can easily be designed around awkward shaped rooms
  • Suits and facilitates contemporary design
  • Compatible with under floor heating systems.
  • Suitable for people with mobility problems

For free advice or a consultation, contact us on 020 8839 9200, 020 8839 9300 or 020 8839 9400